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Kanopeo GmbH invented the world’s first rolling continuous belay system for aerial adventure parks, setting a new standard for the industry. The company continues to develop and enhance its continuous belay systems to deliver the safest product possible while offering a variety of solutions. Kanopeo GmbH achieves this by provid-ing innovative, ergonomic, user-friendly and durable products with low maintenance costs.

Our customers
Our customers are park designers and builders, who plan, build and retrofit using our system, as well as private park owners who purchase our products directly. Kanopeo GmbH supports and advises our customers and re-sponds to their questions and concerns in a timely fashion to provide the client and park visitors a memorable and, above all, safe experience.

Our suppliers

Kanopeo attaches great importance to the quality. As a Swiss company we offer our customers the highest Swiss quality and work, wherever possible, with Swiss suppliers.

Our employees
We place a high degree of trust in our employees, allowing them independence and responsibility, cultivating a responsive and harmonious relationship characterized by a flat hierarchy organization.

Securing our future

Through continuous innovation, high quality, consulting and joint venture, Kanopeo GmbH seeks to establish and position itself as a market leader over the long term.

Our contribution to safety
Kanopeo GmbH has set itself the goal of making the aerial adventure industry safer. As a manufacturer of safe-ty-related products, we comply with all applicable standards and laws. We endeavor to go one step further, wherever possible, to make our products safer through innovation that surpasses existing standards and regu-lations.

We are constantly improving
Kanopeo GmbH is committed to continuously improving products and services by introducing a quality management system.

Innovative in der Schweiz entwickelt und gefertigt kontinuierliche Sicherungssysteme für die Adventure Industry

Erfinder von Saferoller®, dem weltweit ersten kontinuierlich rollenden Sicherungssystem. Produzent des innovativen Speedrunner® Kanhook kontinuierlichen Sicherungssystem. Installation auf über 700 Trails in 450 Abenteuerparks in 56 Ländern auf 5 Kontinenten.

Kanopeo's Produkte sind ganzjährig auf Lager. Weltweit versendbar.

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"Kanopeo: Leading the aerial adventure industry safely to new heights"


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Kanopeo ist ISO 9001 zertifiziert

Kanopeo is ISO 9001 certified